Seesaw Road Map

Seesaw digital portfolio is one of the most popular to students, teachers and parents. It allows everyone to communicate, teachers to deliver lessons/keep track of students’ progress, and students to record and share their learning. It’s an amazing tool that makes learning, assessment and collaboration happen in one platform.

Last year one of my colleagues, Sri, suggested using Seesaw app. I then trialled it, encouraged other teachers to work with me and use the Seesaw in their classes. We have been using using Seesaw for a couple of years now from early childhood up to Grade 3 students. I am also using it with my Grade 6 Maths students too. Last December 2015, I received an email notification regarding Seesaw Ambassador application. To qualify, I needed to apply before December 25, after which I was notified to attend the webinar and to take the exam. I was fortunate to pass all the requirements. I also helped one of my colleagues, Joanna, to become an ambassador so at ISH there are two of us who are ambassadors! After becoming an ambassador, the next step is to deliver training sessions and share the potential of Seesaw in teaching and learning. Some of the perks of being an ambassador include being a part of the community of Seesaw Ambassadors, connect with other ambassadors who share the same passion to use Seesaw and showcase best practices, get Seesaw swags, access to Seesaw plus and many more!


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EdTechReview Keynote Speaker2016

Great start of the school year to be invited for the Annual EdTechReview and be one of their Keynote Speakers. I shared the International School of Hyderabad’s Technology Integration plans for this year 2016-17. etr2



I also had the chance to hit multiple birds with one stone, I get the chance to watch my daughter joining the football team of International School of Hyderabad and compete against 3 other IS in India, The British School – New Delhi, Stonehill International School- Bangalore and Mercedes Benz International School – Pune. Plus a bonus of meeting with one of my friends & former partner in Service Learning, Amanda Kirkham!





GAFE & Tour Builder

At the onset of the school summer break I had the opportunity to train teachers from Army Public School (APS) Golconda. There was about 40+ teachers who attended my session on the use of Google Apps for Education and Tour Builder. I feel privileged to facilitate technology trainings to fellow educators and to learn from them as well. 

APS cater to the wards of Army Personnel of Artillery Centre . A KG School was started in July 1976 and then upgraded to Army Primary School, Ramdevgudain June 1982. On 1st April 2006 Army Primary School, Ramdevguda was converted to Army School, Golconda under the aegis of AWES. 

ABCYA Animate and BBC Typing

Tech Update#9 

ABCYA Animate

Early childhood and lower elementary students love storytelling in digital format! They used their imaginations to create and animate characters of their stories thru ABCYA_Animate. Some of them showed how sea creatures were dying because of water pollution such as oil spill and garbage on the ocean. Some students animated different transports, playground stories and city life. The app is available online and also in iPad. We have purchased the app in our iPad minis so that it is more accessible to our students. Saving their animations was also made easy with one-press of an icon. To find out more of ABCYA Animate you may click on the link to watch the tutorial video: Animation_video. Have fun with your digital stories!

BBC Typing

Students used BBC Typing to practice proper keyboarding. Here’s a link to the website if your child wants to practice at home: BBC Typing



Tech Update#8 Languages and Technology

Duolingo is a free language-learning platform that includes a language-learning website and app, as well as a digital language proficiency assessment exam.

Some Feedback from Grade 3 Students, International School of Hyderabad:

Duolingo was introduced to me by Mrs. Vera. It is a fun way to learn another language. It motivates you and helps you step-by-step. I know a lot more French now than I did. I hope many other people can learn from Duolingo. – Zoe Teboho Grobler

The person who introduced Duolingo to me was Mrs. Vera. I like it because you get to learn new languages. – Mary Paston-Bedingfield

Dear Duolingo, I’ve heard about you because my friends work on it. So I decided to also do it. I really liked how fun it is. Maybe everyday I will go to Duolingo website. If I continue to use Duolingo I will know all the languages. – Vanessa Lanxin Lenglart

Duolingo was introduced to me by Zoe. It made me realised that this was kind of like Kahoot! but it makes you learn a different language. I like it because you can learn a different language in a fun way. -Mia Kaur Samra

To access Duolingo you may visit the website: or download the app from your smart phones and tablets:  

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 8.21.57 am.png

Grade 3 students using Duolingo


Mdm Vera teaching French using Duolingo