EdTechReview Keynote Speaker2016

Great start of the school year to be invited for the Annual EdTechReview and be one of their Keynote Speakers. I shared the International School of Hyderabad’s Technology Integration plans for this year 2016-17. etr2



I also had the chance to hit multiple birds with one stone, I get the chance to watch my daughter joining the football team of International School of Hyderabad and compete against 3 other IS in India, The British School – New Delhi, Stonehill International School- Bangalore and Mercedes Benz International School – Pune. Plus a bonus of meeting with one of my friends & former partner in Service Learning, Amanda Kirkham!






Service Learning Week for Elementary Students

This week’s Service Learning activities were designed with the purpose of having our students realise how fortunate they are, and how they could make a difference in the lives of other people by reaching out to the world and integrating their skills, their knowledge, their passion to interact, serve, lead and inspire. Following are the activities that the Elementary students took charge of this week:

Monday: Introducing Service Learning to the Students

Homeroom teachers developed an inquiry-based unit in order to understand the concepts of service.sl5These activities included short videos, documentary films, songs to inspire and motivate the children to share, care and be grateful.

Tuesday & Wednesday: Action Days

  • Toddlers, Reception and KG1 watered the plants, and created flower craft to say thank you to our drivers, monitors and maids.
  • KG 2 students looked at some videos on how they can be helpful, kind and use magic words to make people feel special. They discussed as a class that they will be involved in an activity called- Making Cheer/Thank You cards as a token of appreciation for our monitors, gardener, office staff, helpers and Leadership team. They will also integrate service activity with their current learning inquiry. The students involved themselves in some household tasks and will be sharing about their experiences.
  • Grade 1 students discussed different festivals with our gardeners. They got the chance to learn about these festivals from the gardeners with a little help from the homeroom teachers. Students also made Indian sweets that were shared with the gardeners as a token of appreciation.
  • Grade 2 students planted seeds as part of their Science topic. They are expected to water and take care of their plants until they bloom and will later create garlands for the maids/gardeners during the festival of Dasara.
  • Grade 3 students were reading buddies with KG 2 students. After choosing books with the help of Ms Lyz, the ISH Librarian, their HR teacher Ms Leah guided the students to be more enthusiastic and creative readers as their audience will be younger students.
  • Grade 4 students got to know some of our drivers and to show their appreciation. They will hold a breakfast for our drivers.
  • Grade 5 students worked with SVN school by creating posters and resources that will be useful to their students. Our ISH students also had a conversation with SVN students to find out how best they can help them.
  • sl4One of the richest experiences of Service Learning Week for grades 4 and 5 was their visit to Bapu Ghat or the Gandhi Digital Museum on Tuesday. The students showed a high level of involvement as they watched documentary films and asked numerous questions about Gandhiji’s life. They came away with jotted down observations, a fund of information about a man who transformed history and most importantly, deep insights into the meaning of service. 

Thursday: Reflection Day: (What went well, What inspired them, How do we move forward)

Students have been inspired and touched with the activities they did this week. This has helped them became more aware of their environment and the people around them. For the reflection activities they did the following:

  • Early Childhood filled-out their reflection form by shading the emotion that they felt in doing the activities of being grateful and making other people happy. They realised that when they made people happy, that adds up to their own happiness.
  • Grade 1 and 2 students prepared a feast for the gardeners and maids by decorating rangoli and serving them Indian sweets.
  • Grade 3 students wrote about their reflections independently and shared with the class. They started to create a video using both their reflections and clips from when they were actually reading to the KG2 children using an iPad app called Little Bird Tales.
  • Upper Elementary students created mind-maps, posters of what they realised and learnt from the Service Learning activities throughout the week. Some of the students created poems and started  reflective writing under the guidance of their HR teachers.

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