Seeing the potential of one of my students in 6th Grade Maths, Varun Munagala, who is keen in programming and coding, so I lent her my Makey-Makey. He turned it into a Mario Yoga controller!



Kahoot Feedback

Tech Update#7

Kahoot! is a free game-based learning platform that makes it fun to learn – any subject, in any language, on any device, for all ages!

We have been using Kahoot in Maths as an interactive Assessment for Learning and these are what we have to say about Kahoot:

  • The reason why I like kahoot is — it’s a fun way to test your knowledge without taking a test
  • I love Kahoot! because it is a fun way of learning math. It helps us learn much better than if we were all using textbooks and notebooks.
  • It teaches me to do problems quickly since there is a time limit.
  • I love Kahoot because it is interesting and it is fun with all the classmates competing with each other.
  • It helps me in maths to calculate in my mind quickly because of the time limit and also to practice what I learnt.
  • Kahoot is the most fun and competitive Math game that I have ever played that stayed on topic and it has a whole lot different Math topics.math1


We live by PRINCIPLES not by Rules

Grade 6 Maths: We live by PRINCIPLES not by rules!

Soon after the Leadership Workshop conducted by Kevin Bartlett, we adapted the same strategy of living by principles and not by rules. We abolished the long lists of rules that were difficult to remember and developed principles instead. We came up with 3 Principles:

Grade 6 Principles