Tech Update#5

Seesaw, Popplet, QR Codes, Kahoot

As part of Tech Integration this year, we are currently working on Seesaw App using iPad as our digital portfolio for lower elementary classes. Basically the students are able to capture their favourite pieces of work and make reflections on what they did well and how can they improve them the next time. We encourage them to write but the beauty of Seesaw App is the availability of voice comment. This way, the younger students can record their reflections instead of writing it. The app can be accessed via a text code given by the teacher or via QR code. All the activities are supervised by the class teacher, with the support of the Tech Integration Specialist.
For more information about the app and to give you more idea on how the students and teachers are using it, kindly click on the link:
For more information on the previous app that we used: Popplet, it is also available as the second video in the link above.
We are also using QR Codes, to make sure that the students are browsing the websites provided by the teachers and to keep them from browsing images and sites that are not part of the lessons.
Most classes have also used Kahoot as part of their assessment to check their understanding on Numeracy, Literacy, Health & Sciences, and Languages (Spanish and French).
For more information, you may visit the link below:
tech update

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