Tech Update #3: Featuring Spanish Classes

ISH faculty members are geared to use technology tools available to augment and redesign student learning in different subject areas. In our previous tech update we mentioned about the use of QR codes and Kahoot as a tool to assess learning. This week in Spanish classes, we used the same techniques to make learning fun, more interactive and engaging for the students.

Grade 1 Students using Kahoot!

  • Grade 1 students were divided into pairs and played Kahoot in Spanish class this Wednesday. Learning opportunities>> students love to learn through games, they worked collaboratively with their partners to come up with the answer
  • They also used Online Free Spanish, a fun way to learn Spanish. This website reinforces the student’s pronunciation and understanding of the language in a fun way. There are about 4 levels they can choose from and this week, we have started with the Beginner level. The students learnt the sounds and pronunciation of letters and numbers. You may access the educational Spanish website game through this link:



Grade 2 Students using Popplet to Create Spanish Vocabularies with Pictures

Grade 2 students have had the opportunity to start building up their Spanish vocabularies using Popplet app in iPad. Basically they were taught to identify days of the week and 4 seasons in Spanish. To help them learn better, they used iPads to search for images related to the vocabulary and inserted it next to the words written in English and Spanish using an app called Popplet.


Middle School Students’ Spanish Activities

Middle School students used the following websites to support their Spanish listening & speaking skills and to support their assessment for learning.

1. They used this website to learn about prepositions of place:

It was followed by a worksheet to assess their learning.

2. This website is used to find the differences between Ser and Estar where the students have to fill-in the blank with the appropriate verb form.

3. A website that we used to enhance their listening skills:

4. Middle School students also used Kahoot in Spanish to make their assessment for learning fun!




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