Tech Update #2

A couple of weeks back, I held a Tech Session with Elementary teachers using Kahoot to create an interactive Assessment for Learning (AFL) for different subjects and the use of QR code to support children in accessing websites and documents online.

QR Codes
Screen shot of my Tech Session on QR codes

This week, three of my colleagues have started using QR codes in their classes. Grades 1 and 2 students have been using the iPads to research about different animals, studying their diet and habitats. They enjoyed scanning QR codes to access this website: for their animal research. It saved the children’s time to type the long url in their Safari browser and focused their attention to discussion, brainstorming and learning. QR code made it easier for the students to get access to the website and the lessons were made more interactive, engaging and fun! Their homeroom teachers were also excited with the children’s use of technology in the classroom. Grade 3 students on the other hand are using QR codes to research about the life of Mahatma Gandhi. Together with the homeroom teacher we chose websites that they can use and printed out QR codes for those websites. Students scanned the QR codes using iPads, read the information in pairs and came up with their individual presentation about Gandhi.

QR Codes in Elem classes


Kahoot Quiz has been frequently used in the Secondary school but we will be utilising the Kahoot in Elementary making the students take control of their own learning and encouraging them to answer and ask thought provoking questions. Teachers and students will be using them in the coming weeks for Maths, Literacy, Music, PE, Arts, Unit and Languages. Watch out for more Tech Integration happening at ISH.

Tech Session using Kahoot
  Screen shot of my Tech Session using Kahoot

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