Tech Update#1 Tech and Research Integration

Being the Tech Integration Specialist at the International School of Hyderabad, I am currently working with homeroom teachers to integrate technology in the classroom. Each month EC-Grade teachers and students will have a couple of iPad apps they will be working on.

EC students will soon start to use the Seesaw app on the iPad after it is introduced by Ms Sri. Another app that I have started introducing to EC-Grade 3 teachers  and students is Popplet. Grades 1-2 students used this to brainstorm their Unit – Living and Non-living Things. The students took photos of different objects using the iPad camera, saved it in their devices and put it into Popplet. They also downloaded some images using Safari browser. Working in pairs, they are now creating infographics of living things and non-living things.  

tech9 tech0

Tech2 Tech1

In other tech news, Grade 3 students are using different devices such as iPads and desktop computers for research, supported by their Homeroom teacher Ms Leah, myself and the school librarian Ms Lyzandra. Ms Lyzandra is working with students from Grades 3 and up to develop their research skills which includes creating Bibliographies, search methods and more. Grade 4 students have started to use their school email and some applications from Google such as Google Drive to organise their files and Google Docs to create documents shared to their teachers.

Grade 5 students seem to enjoy the use of 1:1 Chromebooks this year. Some of the great feedback we received from them include:

  • easier access in using their Chromebook devices compared to the desktops in the Tech Lab
  • working collaboratively and receiving real-time feedback from their teachers
  • creating Email signature, learning netiquettes (Internet etiquettes)
  • using Google Drive to organise files
  • using Google Docs to type their research and work simultaneously with other students
  • using Google Slides to create presentations
  • Inserting hyperlinks, sounds and videos in Google Slides
  • giving them a sense of responsibility by taking care of their devices




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